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Sidewalk Sale

Melrose Sidewalk Saturdays Throughout August

The action is all happening on the sidewalks in Melrose, MA, this month. The Melrose Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring Sidewalk Saturdays every Saturday in August. We encourage everyone to come to downtown Melrose to support our local businesses in a safe and socially distant way outside.

Don’t forget your mask!

Our Ana Donohue Shop sidewalk display features “finds” that caught Ana’s eye, so you know they’re special! There will be some great deals and sales while supplies last. For those shoppers who are comfortable, you can still patronize your favorite business (including our shop) inside as well. Melrose businesses have been taking many precautions to ensure your safety while welcoming you back. We look forward to seeing you.

Residents and visitors are invited to downtown Melrose and Franklin Square/Franklin Street to support local businesses in a safe and socially distant way while wearing a mask and remaining outdoors. For those shoppers who are comfortable, they can still patronize businesses inside as well — Melrose businesses have taken precautions.

At this time, Sidewalk Saturdays participants include:

“The Chamber has organized a Sidewalk Sale for the last few years in April, but due to COVID-19, we were unable to host this annual promotion,” said a spokesman. “Many businesses have reopened after a very difficult period of being closed, and while the community has been incredibly generous in patronizing our businesses during the pandemic, with the cancellations of sports, end of school year events, weddings and more, the local business community continues to need our support.”