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Heading Home to Dinner at the Boston Design Center

Interior designers have an acute understanding of the value in creating a home. And so, too, they can easily imagine the difficulty of not having one. That’s the driving connection behind Heading Home to Dinner, an event to benefit Heading Home, a Boston organization that provides programs to end homelessness. Now in its second year, the event was the brainchild of Boston designer Mally Skok, who was introduced to the organization by a client turned friend. “I thought, well, we make homes, they make homes—let’s partner,” Skok explains. “Though they’re quite different missions, at the end of the day it’s about creating a home. Plus, I wanted to bring a fun event to the Design Center.”

And bring the fun they did, with some 30 designers outfitting wildly creative tables and bar carts, which were shown off at a two-night affair: a cocktail party on Wednesday night and a benefit dinner and auction on Thursday. After hearing from Heading Home CEO Danielle Ferrier, who expounded on the need for a reliable home base as a foundation for any kind of success, guests raised their paddles freely to bid on select bar carts (yes, the carts were sold in full—decor, drinks, and carts themselves included) and to pledge much-needed funds to the organization.